Linksys Router Login – A Step by Step Reference

After the initial set up of your Linksys router, you can start using it. However, you can still tweak the settings and speeds by logging in directly using the Linksys router login. This is the most common problem encountered by many wireless router users. They buy the router and do the installation and after that, if they are now ready to use it, they don’t know how to login. So, this can make many users frustrated because all they expect that after installation, they can instantly have the internet access. So, if you use Linksys router, this is your right time to know on how to do figure out the Linksys router login. After that, you can possibly use the router and can use the Linksys router login whenever you want to use your internet.
Linksys Router LoginThe final step of setting your Linksys router would be to know the Linksys router login. To do so, you must follow the instructions. First, the Linksys router login username should be left blank, and then enter the password “admin”. This Linksys router login password would be a default one. You will then enter its page, where you will be able to configure the options of the router to suit your usage. However, the router works fine without needing to do any configuration as it is already functional with its default settings, and you are good to go. Yet, if this router is a wireless one, you might want to further set an SSID so that the router will be identified as yours, and then you will be able to use WEP so that you can control who uses your wireless router.

Linksys Router Login IP Standards

Also, the Linksys router login, you have to set up the DSL ISP, key the URL onto your web browser’s URL address and you will enter its setup page. At “Local IP Address”, which is located under the Setup a Basic Setup, change it to Then, click “Save Settings”. You will then be able to change your IP address to make it your unique own. To change the IP address, enter MS-DOS or Command Prompt. This can be done by clicking the “Start” button on the task bar, and then from its options, click “All programs”, then “Accessories”, and then “Run command”, or you can search for “cmd” and click it. See how easy the Linksys router login done? You will never have a problem with the Linksys router login because of its quite and simple set up.
From there, everything else in Linksys router login will be done using the keyboard, starting with typing “ipconfig/release”, and press Enter. You will see that your IP address is made out of 0’s. Then, type “ipconfig/renew”, and press Enter. You will then receive your new IP address that consists of a series of different numbers. Go back to the router’s setup page again by keying in on your web browser. When you see at “Status” that the IP address consists of a series of numbers, congratulations, you have changed your IP address. The Linksys router login will not give you any difficulties because of its easiness. The Linksys router login is one of the most at ease logging in router.