Linksys Router Setup Guide

To perform a Linksys router setup is a lot easier than setting up other types of wireless routers. Linksys makes routers that support both wired and wireless network configurations using an omnidirectional antenna. Linksys wireless routers contain a web-based interface that allows you to administer the wireless router and its features. This is one of the main reasons Linksys routers are so beloved- uncomplicated, non-technical router setup.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Linksys Router Setup

Linksys Router Setup

The following steps must be followed in order to successfully setup and configure your Linksys router (these instructions are for the Linksys WRT54G router):

1 – Plug the router in and allow it to power up and go through the initialization process

2 – Insert an Ethernet cable into the cable modem port

3 – Plug the Ethernet cable into the back of the router that is marked “Internet”. Next, plus a second Ethernet cable into the appropriate port on a laptop or desktop and the other end into one of the ports labeled “1-4” on the Linksys router

4 – Open a web browser

5 – Enter into the browser’s address bar and hit enter

6 – Enter ‘Admin’ in the user name field and ‘Admin’ in the password field. If this doesn’t work, clear both boxes and try again

7 – Change the “Router Name” field under the Setup page to a unique name of your choosing

8 – Select the Save Settings menu option followed by clicking the Continue menu button after the Settings are Successful message appears

9 – Choose the “Wireless” menu tab located at the top of the settings screen
Change the “Wireless Network Name” or “SSID” to a unique name of your choosing. You can reuse the name you selected in step 7 if you want

10 – Disable the “Wireless SSID Broadcast” menu option and select the Save Settings menu button. Once the Settings are Successful message appears, click the Continue menu button

11 – Select the “Wireless Security” sub-menu located at the top of the screen

12 – Under the “Security Mode” dropdown menu, choose the “WEP” menu option. Then select 128 bits 26 hex digits and enter a password between six and eight characters in the passphrase box

13 – Select the “Generate” menu button and choose the Save Settings button

14 – Click the Continue button and after you see the Settings are Successful message

15 – If you choose to enable MAC filtering to make the wireless router more secure, select the “Wireless MAC Filter” subsection located at the top of the Linksys router setup menu

16 – Click the “Enable” menu button and choose the menu choice to “Permit Only” PCs listed to access the networked followed by click the Save Settings button, then click continue

17 – Choose the Administration menu tab

18 – Change the default password by entering a new password into the “Router Password” field and confirm the change. Make sure this password is different from the one used for WEP encryption and click the save settings button, then click continue

Get Your Home Network Running With Our Linksys Router Setup Guide

To allow all of your computers to be able to share files and printers, you must set up a home network. After you have set up your wireless router, each computer that is going to be included in the network must have a wireless network adapter. From the host computer, you must go into the control panel and add each computer that you want to share files and printers with and select what types of file sharing you would like to include. Check to make sure that all computers on the network have the same SSID settings that were configured on the host computer.

Linksys router setup is not as difficult as one may have originally thought. Once the router is setup on the host computer, it is extremely easy to setup a home network. A Linksys router is normally capable of handling up to four computers and can help you easily connect all to one network.

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